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You know the saying, "A room a day keeps the doctor away."
Unfortunately I needed to see my doctor last week so I only have those ten rooms:

New rooms:

All were made with the expansion and its new enemies in mind. My main concerns are the performance of FoxHunt on victory and the enemy density in general. All feedback is welcome.

Extract the files into your Starward Rogue folder and merge the folders. A test chamber has been included for easy access to the new rooms using the "Mods" menu ingame. Open the test chamber with a text editor to switch the room to test.

That's all for now!

Edit: Removed the download link since the rooms are part of the game now.

Awesome, thanks!!! :)

Just going through these:

Forest1 -- Looks good to me.
Spiky Way -- Also looks good.
Forest 2 -- Maybe pushing the enemy density a little too much, but it's borderline so I've left it as is.
Shootout -- Nice! This one's cool, it's like I'm in a Western saloon or something.
CorridorShooter -- Seems good to me.
TravelPorterPath1 -- Nice! Clever that one. :)
DryFountain --Simple, does the job.
FairyFountain -- Seems good!
FieldAdvantage -- Great! I like having a power up on those pesky Tides!
Foxhunt -- Seems great to me. An interesting challenge.

Overall this seems like a fantastic bunch of rooms. The only one that might perhaps have too high an enemy density is Forest 2, but even then it's borderline, I think, considering that a couple of those are jumpscare enemies and as a player you should hopefully learn to not aggro those. I'll add these to the SVN a little later, but I'll leave the test room in there too, so that Misery can take a look. He's the final authority on room designs. Thanks for this tremendous contribution to the expansion, it's much appreciated. :)

My pleasure. Turns out making rooms is a lot of fun too.

TravelPorterPath1 was based on Draco's idea for a secret room which I really liked. I never realized how much I wanted stuff like that in the game until I saw his room. As for ZForest2, it is a crowded one but I made sure it was still possible to perfect clear even if you aggroed all the enemies at once. It's quite frantic while the "trees" are all intact though. :P And finally, your comment about ShootOut really put a big smile on my face. It was the very first room I made so I'm glad you liked it.


--- Quote from: Pepisolo on October 23, 2017, 12:39:52 pm ---TravelPorterPath1 -- Nice! Clever that one. :)

--- End quote ---

Oh yes. Definitely. :)
I'll check the others out at some point, I'm sure, but I really wanted to peek at this one. :D

Oh, yeah, I recall that Draco invented that style of travelporter room, heh. Neat little trick that.


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