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So, I've ran across a few ideas that I thought were cool, but couldn't (or haven't) been able to make anything awesome with them. I'm sure others have had the same experience. So, let's start a list where we can put them, and maybe someone else will get inspired.

* Rocket Frogs
* Crazy as a spider on rollerskates
* Moveable blocks
* Bullet-time special ability
* King Koopa as a boss
* Power Rangers

Okay, I'll bite:

Rocket Frogs:  is it possible to make an enemy that fires a system when it smacks a wall?  That's not something I've tried before and the XML documentation is a labyrinth of many floors with traps and, I dunno, clowns everywhere, so I'm not going near that right now.   But if so, what about an enemy that makes a violent charge at the player (like those dog things do), except with alot less ability to turn, and if it smacks a wall, a bunch of "shrapnel" shoots backwards at random angles?  The idea partially comes from the original Metroid:  those things that would fall from the ceiling and "drill" into the floor, and in the process they'd spray a wave of projeciles outwards.    And I figure, a frog with a rocket wouldnt be a very coordinated frog, so... smacks into walls!

Crazy as a spider on rollerskates:  .....Rocket frogs with additional caffiene?

Movable blocks:  Yes, I'd love this one.  Something tells me it'd be some sort of giant hassle for them to make though.  But it could be pretty great.

Bullet-time:  Ooh, that'd be neat.  What about a consumable that does this?  Considering the sort of thing the Redshift can do, I'd guess that the game is capable of this.  Maybe.

Koopa:  Well, Super Mario Bros, the first game, he breathes fire from like a million miles away, the flames go through everything, we've got an enemy that does the same thing, so.... boss version of a Blaze Cannon?  ....this is SO tempting but it sounds like a mad science experiment that could go horribly wrong.   Needless to say that just makes it more tempting.   It'd also drive players crazy, of course.  Even MORE tempting.

Power Rangers:  What.

Power Rangers
You have 5 different colored enemies. After you have defeated all 5 of them, they then combine and merge into a giant robot. The part I haven't gotten time to work on is the timing of an event that occurs after all 5 are dead (not before) and then the particle effects that would go with the transformation. Possibly also a little music introduction piece.

Continued List

* a labyrinth of many floors with traps and, I dunno, clowns everywhere

Have them be boss buddies and have boss invisible until all buddies are dead. Then activate boss proper. Win??!!

That makes me realize something else:  We have no secret levels/areas in the game! 

That's something I'd like to see later on.


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