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I have created Starward Rogue: Spirograph(tm) Edition. It can generate a new random pattern in the time it takes SR to reload the xml.

Day of the Dead anyone?

PS. Yes, it absolutely tanks system performance because my shots are not optimized at all.

This looks like the sort of thing that happens whenever I have too much free time on my hands.

Hmm... an off the left field question, do you think you could make lightning?

You know what this remembers me of? Immortal Defense. It's Tower Defense game with similiar flashy graphics like Starward Rogue. There was this one defense tower, the Danmaku Point, who had something similiar as attack.
I suggest you check the game out.


--- Quote from: zharmad on February 01, 2016, 06:27:27 pm ---Hmm... an off the left field question, do you think you could make lightning?

--- End quote ---

Sure. Go find a carpet, rub your feet across it. Touch a doorknob.

I think you should be able to, its just multistage mirv-style bullet. You'd use a lot of rand_angle to get the angle to vary. To get varying distances would be trickier, possibly have some predefined variable distance bolt patterns you randomly spawned from each branching point on the bolt.

I've got two concerns.
System performance. In the previously attached images, there are approximately 1500 bullets and frame rate was tanked to 10. Part of it is because I'm doing nested loops worth of nested loops. Another part comes from all the hitbox and collision detection that's going on.

The seconds is that, is that all of this is cosmetic. For the most part, the important thing is that you have a big round bullet moving through space. You could actually grab each one of these complete patterns, make a png out of it and use it as a bullet at a fraction of the system drain. I might actually look into doing that too. Although currently each bullet can be destroyed leaving partial patterns, by making a shot out of it, the entire shot would be all or nothing.

When I was playing with making pixel shot flags I was hitting the same problem. I'm sure Misery has problems with it with his boss patterns too, and I'm also reasonable sure that's what the shots_use_performance_sensitive_logic attribute if so.


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