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I believe Misery added the invincibility to do that. I haven't checked myself.

Also, yeah. The achievements don't check for changes. It would be more trouble than its worth.

The invincibility on phase change doesnt work quite like you'd think; it actually takes a moment to activate, because.... because.   I have no idea why.  Part of it though is that systems have a bizarre delay for a moment after a phase change before they will activate at all.  There doesnt appear to be a way to stop this.

Not that it matters though.  If the player's damage is too high it'll be the same result in the end.


--- Quote from: carldong on January 10, 2017, 07:39:18 pm ---Which makes achievements much easier for those who know some XML, grepping, and programming.
--- End quote ---
You really don't need any of that, ehehe. Just track down the mech codes and copy-paste some stuff around, fiddling with the numbers. Tis easy even if you don't know what XML really is, only know grep as a word without meaning, and can't program worth a wet fart. Greenie's extra floor loot tripled or so, humble's discount with an extra 0, redshift movement for everyone, so on, so forth. Takes like seconds and a bit of limited pattern recognition, most everything else optional :P

Cheevos don't care about memory editing either, for what it's worth. Cheat engine cheerfully does its thing without the game really caring.* can't seem to figure out how the health is stored (most everything else is float, and my actual capability with memory editors is pants), but that only matters so much when you never run out of keycards, credits, missiles, or energy :V

... which is great. Always much less annoying when single player games don't really bother trying to stop that stuff. Sometimes you just want to let the hair down. Just avoid those AoE blast robot things. Impressively useful but a serious resource hog, performance wise. Two or three (or gods forbid more) of those going off more or less at once can grind the game to a screeching halt for a while.

*For what it's worth, it's vanishingly rare anything that's not stored server side to some degree does, and thank the nonexistent programming gods for that.


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