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So I've taken it upon my self to make an attempt at modding.  I'm making a Mech.  Well, I've made the Mech.  I have weapons attached and systems on it that work.  Hell, I've even played with it.

Of course it's a hack job of stuff Mission I think) made (don't tell him).  What I'm stuck on is figuring out how to make the bullet patterns I want for the Mech (so it isn't so much just a hack job).

I'm stuck and the wiki isn't of much help (needs better examples and some how to). 

What exactly are you trying to get it to do?

There is at least plenty of already existing bullet thingies to look through.  Though I'll admit that anything *I* make is typically a bit of a mess, so I dunno how helpful that is.

Yep. Just tell us what you are thinking and we can give you something to start from.

Finding a specific case in all that mess?  Yeah, though Centrifuge or Warden might have something I can use there.

What  I'm looking to do:

Take Rain Canon's pattern and have the shots the pattern made, make the pattern again (lots of shots flying around).  I'd need somewhere to adjust the damage the shots do at each level. 

Yes, I'm crazy and want a veritable mess of shots on the screen.

Oh, that's not hard to do.

One way to do it, or the way I would do it, is to have the rain cannon work by doing a basic spread (defined in the system, not in the bullet patterns) upon death of the first shot. The shots it releases all have another system attached to them (alot of my later bosses such as Vestige use this), and when THEY die, the new system, which also fires off a spread, then activates, firing additional bouncing shots. 

Cenrifuge uses an extremely similar idea for it's repeatedly splitting shots.  It has a bit of additional code to it, but that was just because I needed specific parts of the pattern going in specific directions, not just in a general spread. 


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