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Adding Second Drone to Blue

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Okay, so I was playing with this, but it doesn't work and I can't figure out just why.  It seems really simple, but I've tried 12 variations (according to git).  It really just has to be something stupid.

Trying to do: add a second drone of the same type as he starts with to the blue mech as a level up perk.

First version looked like this:

--- Code: ---   <entity name="SecondaryDrone" category="ItemPickup" image_folder="Perks"
        display_name="Secondary Drone" description="Gives you a second beam drone"
        should_be_remembered_as_power_up="true" auto_pickup="true"
       <modifier target="OnPickupGrantToPlayer" type="NoInherentBehavior">
          <effect type="AddSystem" targeting="Player" timing="OnModifierAdded" related_systems="DeepBlue_Familiar" />
    <hitbox radius ="32" />

--- End code ---

Can someone explain what doesn't work as expected here?

Huh, that's weird. I just tried this in a test room.....and it works! Not sure why it isn't working for you. Curious. How are you testing it, via perk select or in the test room? Are you making sure to walk where the pickup is, so that you collect it?

I've been doing it via perk select.  Changing the XP required for Level 2 to 1 and adding the perk to blue's L2 perk list added the perk itself, and I verified it was working by adding a different system (a weapon system, if I recall).  I'll build a test room next time.

However, it works now.  And it definitely didn't last night.  I tried adding different familiars, too, (since I assumed they might spawn atop one another and have the same leash, making it hard to see), and that never worked, either.  Adding other systems (like a weapon) this way worked fine.  At this point, I had been assuming that it didn't spawn the familiar automatically.

I've been relying on ctrl-F4 for XML reload, does that act any differently than an actual game restart?

I'm really not sure about whether CTRL+F4 acts differently to a full restart, Keith would need to answer that one. However, on occasion sometimes I would get some messages that didn't seem to make sense upon refreshing whereas a full restart seemed to do the trick, so maybe sometimes it doesn't refresh correctly, but I could be wrong. If something isn't working right, go for the full restart, just in case. That's what I do anyway! I'm glad you got it working in the end.

Adding or removing xml entities is not properly updated when reloading your xml. You need to do a full restart in those cases. If you have an existing xml entry, that will update, most of the time.


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