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Shots going to the upper left corner


So, I'm seeing a lot of shots seemingly randomly targeted towards the upper left corner, even though the player is no where near that location. The Flea enemies seem to do this a lot. Anyone else seeing this?

I did not notice something along those lines. I will keep an eye out.

It's a known issue; been discussed alot via email.  I was running into it frequently.  It's not just with the fleas; it can affect any enemy that uses targeted shots. It tends to hit entire rooms at once. I dont remember if it's been fixed yet, but... this is Arcen.  Bugs do not survive very long here, as we all have surely learned by now.

I fixed that, specifically with the guard flea, just before release. Sorry to hear it's still around. I haven't seen it personally since the fix.

Fixed another weird-shot-angle thing today (the one where shots would act like they were leading the target when they shouldn't do that), maybe that will help. I think Chris just got that version out.


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