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Multiple ship choice...waste of resources?

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After messing around with the various ship types I'm getting flashbacks to when A Valley Without Wind 2 had a choice of character designs. In AVWW2, yeah, it sounded cool to be able to pick different characters, but in the end nobody really cared about the choice, and having so many different characters really stretched Arcen's art resources and partially prevented the game from having one really nice looking character (although engine limitations also played a part iirc). I'm getting the same feeling from Starward Rogue. I've tried all the variant ships, they all look practically the same apart from some detailing, like pseudo palette swaps, they all feel pretty similar, and they are all pretty average in terms of animation quality. Why not just have one ship and concentrate on making it look and feel as awesome as possible? You could make it look smoother, have more animation frames, have ship damaged variations of the art, maybe even make some of the special weapons modular and change the art accordingly. Having one super badass ship is infinitely better than having 7 that look and feel pretty similar.

Then, in the future, you could think about having some really worthwhile alternative ships available as DLC, with significantly different designs and functionality rather than just having a mass of near identical ships with slightly different detailing and tweaked variables. 

Well, these ships are literally palette swaps, so they are not remotely comparable to Valley 2 (or 1) in terms of art resources.

I would wish however that the ships would have unique abilities not only different stats.
For example the paladin could reduce incoming damage a little.

Eh.  It's certainly not hard to do -- literally it's a small xml script to do so.  I'm not sure how excited about that I am, but we shall see.


--- Quote from: x4000 on November 20, 2015, 02:47:26 pm ---Well, these ships are literally palette swaps, so they are not remotely comparable to Valley 2 (or 1) in terms of art resources.

--- End quote ---

That's weird, I thought the detailing was different and hand drawn rather than palette swapped. Or maybe my understanding of what a palette swap actually is, is wrong. In any case, so theoretically, just to be clear, if you were to want to add extra frames of animation then that would automatically apply to all other variants of the ships, and so would not be a resource problem in terms of redoing each piece of art?


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