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La question du jour:
Will there be lore-related additions in the expansion?

If not, I was planning on seeking out a source of lore for SR and, even though I'm terrible at it, extract a few dozen snippets to inject into the game as message logs (basically text-only mystery circuits). But if there's already official stuff incoming, I would definitely prefer waiting for that.

This is indeed the question of the year. And of last year too.
I think on the surface SR seems to have some very cool lore that I want to explore deeper but of course I cannot be sure because we never had any details.

It was mentioned multiple times before, with the release of the expansion we would revisit the possibility of lore into the game.

Unfortunately, I don't think we'll be seeing a Story Overhaul with this upcoming expansion. That's probably going to be a bit too much of a project to roll into the next update. That would delay the update a few months, probably, and it has already been quite a long time since the last update.


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