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Will there be base building?

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I know that you may be leaning more for a Alpha Centauri feel, (or not)  :) 

But i just bought an old game on Steam because it looked really cool and i thought, you know a 4x like this would be soooo awesome!!  :)  The game is UFO Aftermath.

So i just watched all these video's to figure out what to do and i just started and i thought i would pop in here and ask if maybe you were going to have base building in your game. I don't know if it would fit with what you want, but i thought it was very cool and thought i would ask.


The Alpha Centauri feel would be really hard for this game to replicate... AC was dystopian sci-fi with a hint of Enders Game (2) (planet in book2) and things were utterly Alien. I mean, before AC no game let you build reclamation pools to turn dead people into food. AC oozed dystopian future so much that playing pro-planet felt like the right thing to do sometimes.

For Spectral empire to have the same feel, Arcen would have to make this world they put the game on truly Alien and mysterious to begin with. And the buildings in AC also had nice flavor text snippets (all voiced!) which further drove in the dystopian mood.

So yeah, would be nice to have, base building AND the AC feel...

Everything in AC contributed to it's feel, including the end turn sound... combat sounds etc. There was not a single out-of-theme element in that game.

I could be wrong, but I think Chris mentioned that there will be bases/cities, but they will be built in a piece-wise distributed way on the global map. Probably something like how buildings are built in Valley 1 or Skyward Collapse, but with hexes instead of a square grid. Each building taking up a hex and applying some effect.

Thank you eRe4s3r and topper, that is good to know. Just started the UFO game, it seems pretty wild so far, and i will have to get Alpha Centuari next the way you discribe it. I mean i'm not all that into dystopian or dark, but it seems a seriously deep game. All i knew about AC up until you told me was it was sci-fi planet bound game. like civ. There is another game i am going to have to get. All these turn based games are very different from the point and click adventure games i am used to. Anyway, thanks for the information.


You should get it from GOG as long as they have sales going on ;p

Anyway, AC:SMAC and Crossfire are not exactly perfect when it comes to being 4x, but everyone who wants to make a 4x should definitely have played that ;p If only to see how immersion is done RIGHT in a 4x. With better graphics and more expansive city building on larger scale as opposed to just 1 hex cities that grow infinitely this could have been the greatest 4x ever made imo.


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