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Whoa, this game is coming out in 2016 now? Well, it's for the best.

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I think folks have been doing a surprisingly good job of practicing egoless suggestions, to be honest.  That's one thing I've always been impressed with, but particularly in recent years.  That said, the various processes can definitely do with improvement I'm sure.

The next game is definitely not ready for alpha yet, as there does need to be quiet time where I can focus on design and testing of my own without a huge load of distraction.  That said, I have Misery and a couple of other folks helping out this go-round from the start, who are working on contracting for some things anyhow.  And in terms of the alpha starting, that will start insanely fast, within 3 weeks or so.


--- Quote from: Bluddy on October 11, 2015, 03:28:06 pm ---Oh here's another point, this time criticizing the forum goers. It's very easy to get carried away in flights of fancy as a commenter, coming up with loads of new ideas that may or may not be realistic to implement. I think each commenter wants to feel the affirmation of having *the* idea that was chosen by you to be in the game. We all seek approval, after all. I'm as guilty of this as anyone. I think this is detrimental to the kind of feedback you need, especially early on, since it causes huge tangents rather than focusing on direct feedback on different aspects of the game and whether they're working. Ideally, there should be one forum for feedback (and this is something I think surveys are also very good for) and another forum for ideas, where once you are looking for an idea, you (the designers) can wander into this forum and read up on some ideas that could be useful for solving issues.

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your pretty right on this I my self have been guilty of this my self out of all the ideas I put forth for stars only 2 actually got accepted (one of which disappeared some were down line intentionally or not the whole were dumps used to adjacency bonuses) love the idea of putting separate threads for that sort of thing.

I noticed that Chris changed  the name of that roguey game I definitely appreciate that its old name was a bit painful to keep typing out.


--- Quote from: x4000 on October 09, 2015, 04:15:34 pm ---Both, really.  And the blackouts were only coming in the last two weeks or so, for the most part.  I wasn't losing consciousness, just vision and very occasionally some muscular control.  Edit: often not even all my vision.  Just half of one eye, or all of one eye, or half of both.

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Get healthy, Chris. I hope the change of (subject, if not pace) does wonders & that you can actually take a break somewhere in here. . .


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