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When will you continue working on Stars Beyond Reach?

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What is it they have coming up?

I was just about to ask that, then the site notified me a new reply has been posted while I was reading.


--- Quote from: x4000 on January 16, 2017, 10:46:15 am ---What is it they have coming up?

--- End quote ---
The last thing I'd heard related to klei would be Oxygen Not Included, so probably that game. It looked neat from the hour of gameplay they had some time ago.

Looks cool!

dammit was going to say exactly that but you beat me.
from what I've heard and what little I've seen of the development stream they did on it (like with invisible ink and ds) I seems like a management game with survival elements in it.
not much else to say about it right now really in till it releases really.

on a side note I saw that your going into vr now which I think for what its worth is a solid idea since that market doesn't have the saturation as the video game market does as a whole plus it means you won't be depending entirely on aw2 to keep the ball rolling.


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