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We need more writers for small things! Game knowledge not required. updated 8/27

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It seems like the tone of all the existing messages is facetious tending towards sarcasm -- a little Douglas Adams like. Is this the format expected of the remaining messages? Also, they're also not very specific about the effects -- there are only small hints of what the effect is in the text itself. Just checking if that is intended.

Captain Jack:
They're all Burlurst events. Hilariously egregious violence is their entire shtick.

Also, if you notice, there's three cells that are being filled in by us. What building was effected, the flavor text, and on the far right just off-screen on my widescreen monitor is the actual effect. In game I imagine you'll get the first and third visually along with the text.

okay I have to say I am very much amused by what has been written.

Shrugging Khan:
I could pitch in a bit (or a lot, if that contract thingy is still open), but I'm not too big on humour. Can offer historical references and parallels, though.


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