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Tiny tease screenshot (okay, several, plus a small info dump, turns out).

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This isn't a full-scale screenshot (it's 75% scale), and it's just a tiny snippet of the screen.  But it does give you some idea of what we're up to. :)

Cool, thanks :).
Replying here to not derail the other thread even further.

Looking good. Not what I expected from the last teaser outlining the races for some reason.
Maybe it's that the image is looking more "painterly" to me than I expected the game to look like? I don't know.
But I guess I will withhold further judgement until there is more stuff to be seen ;).

Thanks for sharing!

Here are a few more.

This one is a thumbnail of it zoomed very far out to show a large part of a midsize world with a normal map style (continents and islands and poles and whatnot, and all the season zones).  The pale green buildings are ones that have been modeled but not yet painted.

This is a full resolution view (if you click to expand) of a bit of desert:

And a full resolution view (if you click to expand) of where the polar zone currently is butting up against the northern temperate:

And a full res view (if you click to expand) of where the northern temperate is hitting the tropics slightly:

Those are looking great! (except for the green buildings, of course)

Thanks!  The artists have been working super hard. :)


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