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So this game is set way into the future of AI War and TLF - will that be reflected in the technology the races use in the game?
Presumably they would have had a decent chance of making a huge amount of progress in their research, and it could be neat to see how the races had changed during the time.

The races were already pretty technologically ascendant in the TLF expansion (to some extent), and if you go too far-future then it all starts seeming like magic and all problems go away.  If you have solved all disease, for instance, that's actually not too fun for a game.  And so on.

That said, it's a lot more futuristic than any comparable sci-fi games that I'm personally aware of, on average.  There are no roads, for instance, as those are pointless.  Instead you build teleporter depots to get people around, and then they just walk or take the equivalent of segues or whatever in the small local area that they get moved to.

A lot of the focus of conflict in this game isn't so much about territory control (there is plenty of territory) or military conflict (though there is that, obviously), but instead on various global things like atmospheric composition, sea levels and temperatures, and so forth.  So there's quite a bit of control over the planet that these races have via various terraforming methods that they are vying against one another with.  All of that is pretty much hinted at in very generic ways in TLF, because of the scale of that game, but is something that I intend to simulate much more deeply here.

Anyway, I guess the shortest possible answer is that the technological progress is more advanced where it makes the game more interesting and unique, rather than actually reducing the number of challenges players will have.

Having absolutely no idea what this will play like, the prospect of being able to do something like having a faction raise global temperatures in order to melt polar ice and raise sea levels to devastate their primarily coastal-living enemies' cities sounds amazing. That may be beyond what is possible, but the idea sounded cool at least. ;)

That is precisely the idea. :)

Although actually more than that, because each race has their own preferred atmospheric mix, and they'd be battling to get the actual atmospheric mix closer to their ideal, thus causing bonuses and penalties to others based on what is happening there, and changes in diplomatic relations, etc.

I'm not sure how much I'll have atmospheric conditions really play into the raising and lowering of sea levels -- that kind of stacks a lot on that one mechanic -- but having the raising and lowering of sea levels be a thing is definitely a goal, with the whole sort of thing you're mentioning there.  My planned approach was with more direct terraforming of the poles when it comes to that, though, so that controlling the poles can become a strategy, or simply staying away from the oceans and concentrating on the atmosphere can be, or various other things.

But yes, I'm quite excited about the prospects of these particular mechanics. :)

Considering that the Evucks are involved, does that mean theres a chance they'll try to set the planet on fire if they're losing badly enough?


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