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Tales of Woe - The Full 3 Part Series!

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You may recall that we were doing  a series of visual shorts set in the world of Stars Beyond Reach.  Well, the final part of that is now here!

Since it's been a while, here are all three parts of the video in one series:

"Tales of Woe" is a three-part series of humorous video shorts set in the Stars Beyond Reach universe. The first video focuses on the approach to the planet, and reveals the general backstory. The second video is a look at a supremely unlucky set of new arrivals on the planet. And the third video is a look at that civilization as it has become ascendant... but at what price? Animated by Julian GD, and voiced by Toby Ricketts and Bronnie Howells.

Part 3 has been done since May (as you'll note by the youtube upload date), but I've had it unlisted until now because I wanted to release that along with another gameplay video.  No such luck.  More on that here:,18040.0.html

Sums up my phase as "new tester" quite nicely  :D

Though, I've always been the villain  >D

I thought you'd forgotten about the third one! :)

Captain Jack:
Hang on, she's an isolationist; would she ask for help in that situation?  :D


And yeah, I think she's basically hat in hand at that point.  Isolationist sure, but when you're under the boot heel you do what you have to.


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