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Spectral Empire is our upcoming 4X title, which is slated for release in April 2015.  This is something that we've been working on in tandem with the current expansions for AI War and The Last Federation, as well as the general ongoing work on those two games, and the linux ports of all our other titles.  Whew, busy times!

If you haven't heard anything about Spectral Empire before, I did do a written teaser about it a month ago, with some details about the races in the game and so forth.

And yeah, this video is an incredible tease, I know.  Sorry about that, I couldn't resist. ;)  Mainly this video is to test out the narrator voice and a few related things.  This guy shows up over your comm screen as you play, and is the key to... a lot of things.

As I noted above, Spectral Empire is a hex-based 4x game.  Think of it kind of like Civilization meets SimCity meets AI War: Fleet Command, mechanics-wise.  Yes, it is kind of simulation-y, as well.

Story-wise, this is set far in the future of both AI War and The Last Federation, and merges their storylines together a bit.  This game -- and this narrator -- also have some big things to reveal about the lore in both TLF and AI War.

It is still too early for us to show screenshots or videos of actual gameplay, but the internal prototypes are coming along nicely.

If you want to read some more about the game, there is a forum for that.  As is typical, in the forum I reveal a bit more than I intend just because I'm excited about the project.

Thanks for watching!

Updated Version Based On Feedback!

This updated version gives a bit of a cleaner, clearer voice and avoids some peaking early on in in particular.  I have an effect chain set up in Adobe Audition, including Nectar 2 as part of that.  I went back and made a revised chain that did noise processing earlier in, and didn't try to normalize until much later in the process.

The result is definitely a lot clearer, and I prefer it, I think.  It has less of the Darth Vader breathing sound, which I'm sad about, but it is a much cleaner and more professional-sounding recording in general.

This was recorded on a Blue Yeti Pro mic (via usb) with a Blue Pop Filter attachment, directly into Audition (so a nice 64bit recording).  Anyway, in the prior processed version, it was kind of burying the quality of the initial recording a bit!

You tease.

That I am.  And do.

Quite the tease, does not really give us anything new besides a creepy voice   :o
I guess it is better than nothing  ;D

If the voice is the conversation subject, I would say it is fine. But watch out for the high distortion and bass levels that may not sound good on cheap speakers. I also noticed some audio artifacts leading in to each spoken phrase. At least it sounds like a cut-off intake of breath right before each phrase starts. Cleaner breaks would be nice unless that is the effect you are going for.

I was going for a Darth Vader wheeze between each spoken bit, yeah.


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