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Spectral Empire Teaser Video

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I agree, the wheeze at the end should go. Otherwise pretty clean voice. If you care about the text, I find it pushed a touch too close to the right edge. But even that's me being really nitpicky :) . The title looks extremely promising. Really, the only downside to this title is how I'll find time for it and AIW (and apparently TLF).

The voice in the first part of the video was less than impressive, but it got much better as it went along.  The main problem I had with it is I wouldn't have been able to understand it without the words on the screen.


Updated Version Based On Feedback!

This updated version gives a bit of a cleaner, clearer voice and avoids some peaking early on in in particular.  I have an effect chain set up in Adobe Audition, including Nectar 2 as part of that.  I went back and made a revised chain that did noise processing earlier in, and didn't try to normalize until much later in the process.

The result is definitely a lot clearer, and I prefer it, I think.  It has less of the Darth Vader breathing sound, which I'm sad about, but it is a much cleaner and more professional-sounding recording in general.

This was recorded on a Blue Yeti Pro mic (via usb) with a Blue Pop Filter attachment, directly into Audition (so a nice 64bit recording).  Anyway, in the prior processed version, it was kind of burying the quality of the initial recording a bit!

I like this version better, kind of Thanos'esque a la GotG movie.

I found this clip from the movie:

Maybe for the real trailer it could use background sound effects or music to build tension, like you have at the beginning and end or like there is in the Thanos clip.

Hmmm.... I really like the first recording, but that is just personal preference, listening to the second version, they are close, and perhaps yes, the second one is a bit clearer. Anyway an interesting teaser. What comes to mind is the intelligent planet from the E.E. Doc books, not sure if it was the Skylark of Space, or the Lensmen books. But they were quite creative and a wow to read.



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