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Signup thread for beta wave of "Sometime in 2016." Yellowshirts V2!

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The shirt system, in a TLDR format:

1. People sign up "to be in the beta" in general.  Right now we have had 254 people sign up overall, and as of the "blueshirt v2" wave, we have 153 of them in the game.

2. We are adding people to the game in waves every 0.5 to 1 weeks at this point.

3. We do it in waves in order to balance out tester fatigue, have a constant stream of new faces, and also because as the game evolves we can only get your first impression once.  So hence we have a backlog of players signed up for the beta, but they are not yet actually added to the game.

4. Signup here if you wish to specifically say you want to be in this next wave.  I'll make every effort to accommodate you, and I'll also pull from folks who don't sign up here depending on how things are looking at the time I do the next wave.  If you don't care what wave you're in, you can just sign up in the other stickied thread and you will not be forgotten!

5. TLDR: If you are wondering "when will I be sent a copy of the beta," the answer at this point is: after you either sign up for a particular wave, or I happen to choose you for a wave based on my semi-random, semi-sensible way of picking folks (I like new folks and Arcen veterans in each wave, etc).

6. Final note: If you're wondering "am I still on the list" or "will I ever be added to a wave," the answer is definitely YES! :D  But if you're worried and want to check, I won't be offended.

If for some reason you have specific scheduling constraints and you need to be in this week (or sooner even) if you're to take part, then just let me know (you can PM me to make sure I don't miss it) and I'll get you in sooner.  I'd rather have folks like that outside of a normal wave than miss their input all together.

Thanks everybody!

Hi Chris. I'd like to be in this wave.  :D

I wouldn't mind being in the next Beta wave!!

Yes, this wave would be great.

I'd love to be in this wave. Looks like a neat game, only heard it existed today.


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