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Signup thread for beta wave of "Sometime in 2016." Yellowshirts V2!

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I also replied in the other thread, not sure which was more relevant so I figured i would sign up on both. Thanks!


A newcomer here, although familiar with most games done here. I'm interested in signing up for the beta whenever the chances are possible.
I couldn't reply on the other thread, something related to a database error...  ??? But I heard of the news recently, wish you the best of luck.

Also replied in one of the other threads.
Still willing and able as needed.

I'd be willing to help as a beta tester.

If this beta is still a thing, I'd absolutely love to be a part of it!
I'm a brand new( Just bought AI War a few days ago ), and quickly becoming very large, fan and I'm excited to be a part of the next game!


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