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Signup thread for beta (any wave, not specifically the next one)

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If you asked to be in the beta in another thread and I haven't answered, I WILL eventually get to that.  Please see The official "urgent things to tell Chris" thread for an explanation of my process on ignoring the forums and then binge-ing on them, and why I have to do that (you guys outnumber me hundreds to one if not more).  If you're worried that I missed you, or if you just want to post in a centralized place, then please go ahead and post your interest here in this thread!

If you're urgently wanting to be added for whatever reason, and don't want to be part of the regular waves later on for some reason, then please post in the urgent things thread.  I'd prefer that people go with the waves approach for the most part, but if you have serious ants in your pants or you have a scheduling issue or whatever (you're available this week, then busy for the next few weeks, etc, etc), then by all means let me know.

UPDATE 9/24:
YES I still want new testers, and no you are not too late.  If you are reading this sometime in the first half of October, no you are not too late.  Welcome in!

We've undertaken an absolutely massive reworking of a lot of the game after the last few waves of players, and are ramping back up heavily now.  I'm going to be doing waves every half week or so between now and release, probably with 6-20 people per wave (that's a big range, I know, but it will partly depend on how much was just released prior to a wave, and how many people sign up for a specific wave).

We're looking at an October 20-somethingth release hopefully, and new folks are still signing up for testing all the time (and VERY welcome to do so in this very thread), so half-weekly waves are pretty well unavoidable if I still want to have people in waves (which I do want) and not have a bunch of people who volunteered miss out on the beta (which I don't want).  We certainly can use every pair of eyes we can get, and every configuration of computer, and every style of thinking, every mix of past gaming experience, and so on.

I'm setting up a signup thread with a shirt color for each week, so feel free to sign up there if you want to be in the current week's group.  If we wind up with too many volunteers for a given week, then I'll either pick randomly from that list and then roll the extras over to the next week, or else I'll just do a larger wave that week, at my discretion based on what I think is best for the game based on its current state.  Nothing personal either direction on that, and if you get pushed back one week I'll make extra sure you are in the next week.

If there are not enough volunteers (plenty of people have a "whenever you need me" attitude, which I really appreciate as much as I appreciate volunteers), then I'll pull from the non-ordered group.  I try to pull evenly from people who asked to be in the beta earlier this year, who asked to be in more recently, who I know from past betas, who I've never met before, who sound excited, who sound calm, etc.  I like to have a good mix of types of personalities and playstyles and so on in each version.

If for some reason you have specific scheduling constraints and you need to be in this week (or sooner even) if you're to take part, then just let me know (you can PM me to make sure I don't miss it) and I'll get you in sooner.  I'd rather have folks like that outside of a normal wave than miss their input all together.

If I miss adding you to a wave after saying I would add you, then that was totally my bad and an oversight and please send me a PM to make sure that I get that corrected and get you in there.  I already did it to one guy by accident, and I'm really glad that he spoke up to let me know!  It's not a bother or a hassle for me, and goodness nobody is annoying me.

Thanks everybody!

I forget if I'm in or not, but consider this my hat-toss into the ring! Put me in whatever wave you like!

I've got an 8 month old who is crawling everywhere and starting to stand on her own, so I'm not an amazing tester who can sit still for five minutes, but I can't help it, Arcen makes games that are just too interesting not to play.

Would not a "Apply for Beta" topic make your job easier?

Maybe there is one, but I could not find it so far.

I am interested in helping test. I haven't been following the development of the game closely, if that helps you locate me in a wave at all. I'm ready to be pleasantly surprised! :)

I've been hemming and hawing and have decided that I would like to be part of the testing beta, and that I should be able to make time to genuinely participate.

I expect to be busy from June, and then horribly busy from July, so for me, earlier is better.  Then again, predictions of future workloads are not super reliable in my work.


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