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Signup thread for beta (any wave, not specifically the next one)

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The site said that I could still sign up for the Stars Beyond Reach beta although I'm not sure with how super late I am and it being currently on hold, so if it's possible and no trouble I'm quite interested in signing up for the beta test.

As most here, I would love to beta test this game! It's the kind of game I like to buy from a shady guy in the park, and then quickly go home, lock the door, close the curtains and inject it straight into my proverbial veins. Oooooohhhh Yeahhhhh that's the good stuff....

...w...what were we talking about again?

 A bit late, but count me in if you still need more people. Great fan of Arcen games and s deep lover of the 4x genre.

If you're still accepting, I'd love to join!

If you are still accepting I'm signing in.
I played Last Federation and AI war.

and i betatested several of Panzer Corps for Slitherine.


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