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Signup thread for beta (any wave, not specifically the next one)

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I think I've already asked, but just in case please put me down as well.  :D

Since now this thread became an application thread, please count me in as well, I am so enthusiastic about seeing how Arcen will make 4X genre more unique.

I'll toss my hat in to offer to test the beta . .mostly did testing with Arcen before with the early stages of AVWW 1, since we're all posting credentials on this.  I've been following Stars Beyond Reach a bit, though certainly haven't read everything, so I suppose I'd be more of a "interested person that doesn't know too much yet" sort of impression/ responses.  Still, if that helps, I would be happy to test things out.

Man, i really dig all the games made by arcen, they're really good games, except for AVWW, it couldn't match the same quality as the rest of arcen's games :(, hopefully its not too late for me to join in the arcen does alpha centauri beta test train, for i want to hop in and see if the future will continue to awe me.

anyhow, count me in for testing.

Hey, heard about Stars beyond reach on some of the podcasts/posts by!  Super excited when I realized you were devs behind AI!

Anyway, count me in for the beta, any wave/shirt color/ is fine!


-Ezekiel Moerdyk


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