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Race suggestions for our upcoming 4x.

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--- Quote from: MaskityMask on June 19, 2014, 09:40:20 am ---Umm, apparently Thoraxians ARE a hive mind <_< The text for assassinating the queen has them being horrified for killing their "mind" and they go bonkers when the queen is killed until new one is born.

--- End quote ---

Even if that were true. MorningLightMountain (MLM for short) takes it to a whole another level (Hive mind that is).

One major difference between Thoraxians and MLM is that when individual dies their memories are lost in Thoraxians due to killing queen. When you kill the individual MLM "brain" you don't even scratch it. Because the brain's conscience, if you will, and memories are shared across hundred of thousand individual brains. At worst all you did was reduce their total thinking capacity and reproduction rate temporarily.

 To kill MLM for real you would have to commit nothing less than total genocide to stop them.

My first thought on seeing the original post was excitement at getting to play as AI 1   (or at least as AI 2 :)  ). Would be sad if we can't.


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