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Is there an exact release date yet?

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I only ask because everywhere I look it says march 2016 but there is little else on how development is going.

Sorry about that!  I went in and corrected that to, for now, say June 2016.  Right now we're still reevaluating whether or not the game is possible at all to do in a fun way.  The approach that I was taking was fun but not fun enough to satisfy what we wanted to have happen. 

Right now Keith is going through a number of prototypes with a few very core alpha testers, and if we land on something that seems promising enough then that will be developed out further. 

How long that will take to complete will depend on what the prototype that works is, and so on.  There's also the possibility that we won't find a prototype that is sufficiently fun to pursue.  Which would be an enormous bummer for a whole lot of reasons, and that's putting it mildly.  But we're really trying to make sure that we do this in such a way that it's something we can be proud of, and not something that we just push out as "good enough."

Thanks for the info. I really hope you are able to make this game work.

Sure thing -- and I appreciate it!

0_0 yikes the idea of you simply not finishing stars never occurred to me still I'm glad keiths on this since he seems to(at least gathering form our last barney) a good idea of what he wants to do no offence but when it was being developed before you kept changing your mind over and over again and now while that's great and if there was more time and funding available I'm sure you'd be able to find a super duper masterpiece eventually but obviously you simply don't.


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