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Is there a release date yet?

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Ah, yeah, I see where the confusion is.  Yeah, Jack hit the high points generally.  But just to confirm things, so you have it from the horse's mouth, so to speak:

1. Funds from AI War II's kickstarter won't be going to SBR.

2. SBR isn't going to be in progress while the AI War II project is going on if the kickstarter there succeeds.

3. If any of our staff moves on to another project prior to AI War II v1.0 coming out, it will be because their part is done.  That typically happens with all our projects, be it music or art or whatever else having to be finished before the long ending period of bugfixing and balance polishing finishes.

4. If the Kickstarter doesn't succeed and some alternative form of funding isn't found, then yeah, I probably have to go solo from then on.  And SBR would be to huge a task to complete on my own in a short enough timeframe to keep me afloat, and I'm burned out on it anyhow, so I don't know what would happen with it.

5. AI War Classic and its expansions are still over a third of our total annual income, so the expectation is that, yes, the sequel would sell well after coming into its own 1.0.  There are 300k copies of AI War that have been sold, and over 1m copies of its various expansions, whereas to kickstart the sequel we need somewhere in the ballpark of 10-15k backers, I'd say.  So the idea that post-1.0 AI War II sales would fund stuff like Keith working on SBR is not too ludicrous I don't think, even if the kickstarter goes bananas somehow and makes a lot more than we need it to.

Any other questions, please let me know, and I apologize for being unclear before!

Okay thanks, hopefully they both sell well since this is the first company that I have really taken an interest in. I am looking forward to both games though more so SBR.

Thank you!

WolfWhiteFire +1

Keep going ARCEN-Games!!!
Alone your game-styles, ideas and your honesty for all, as well of course, is a reason to back you up.


but the aim is high on kickstarter, i really hope it wil make it.


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