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Hmmm.... this looks very, very cool, with AIWar and now TLF doing well, it is good to see a 4X title mentioned. I'm hoping of course for a traditional TBS, but of course there will probably have to be something different to distinguish it as an Arcen title.  :)  But wonderful to see it on the list! 

p.s. But if this is Terrestrial, does that mean, like Rome, Total War? Or Something like Hearts of Iron? Or maybe something with a space theme, but not in space, like maybe StarCraft...  interesting to think about.  :)

Futuristic, and TBS.  This one is not going to try to span multiple genres, unlike a lot of our games.  Instead it's just going to be our take on the genre, which is so broad there's plenty of room for experimentation anyhow. :)

And hexes!

If it doesn't have unit stacking I'm not playing it.  Ever.  Ever-ever.  Civ V messed up so terribly (on many, many levels).

I really loved Civ V, actually -- and it does have some unit stacking.  That said, the unit handling in Civ IV was definitely superior.

At present, however, my plan is for no units at all.  We'll see if I can pull that off during the internal prototype phase, but I have a lot of ideas that I think will be really fun and also streamline some of the sorts of 4X issues that you are basically complaining about.

I, for one, do not miss stacks of doom.


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