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Beta 0.917 (Hello Interface Clarity)

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To be honest, after spending a bunch of time with both, I think I found it easier to find this in the old UI. I got to know which tab each building was in and so didn't have to look through the whole list of buildings, just the relevant tab.

EDIT: I found the + button at the top eventually, and realised it did what I wanted, but for some reason I didn't see that at first.


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--- Quote from: nas1m on October 05, 2015, 04:38:02 pm ---This - new - HUD - is - lovely!

The only thing I am missing is a building filter taking number of staff into account.
Aside from that - an insane improvement.

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Isn't there an overlay for that?

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I was talking about the new buttons providing a list of buildings fitting a specific category (like producing crowns).
I crave one providing a list of buildings that need staffing/provide employment with the biggest employer at the top :).


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