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Beta 0.914 (The Diseased, The Unemployed, And The Balanced) Released!

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Release notes:

Whew, okay, let's see:

1. This improves the clarity on a lot of things, like market items and so forth.  Still lots more to do, and there are so major hud things in the works that should really help with things people have brought up.

2. There were a huge number of bugs and balance issues that got sorted out.

3. The way that crown income happens has really been extremely changed around.  It's a lot more balanced now relative to itself, but one question that remains is if crown income is on parity with what you need to spend.  It might be that you feel too poor now, whereas you were too crazy rich before.  Not really sure.  There are a number of changes here that actually let you earn crowns from things that were not income sources before, but then other income sources got nerfed pretty hard or require more staff, etc.

4. Unemployment is once again a problem!  Although, now it's a problem in a much more straightforward way, which I'm pleased about.  A lot of the rebalancing with crowns also provides a huge amount of opportunities for more employment, so that's good.

5. Diseases are heavily restricted in the early acts in terms of how bad they can be on the severity scale, although that doesn't mean they won't still kill you if you're not careful.  Your tools for combating disease in other ways beyond just curing citizens are also now available in act 1 instead of being an act 4 thing that nobody has even seen yet.  Whether or not this is fully enough for diseases to feel right remains to be seen, but anyhow there you go.

6. Oh, you can actually use the international abilities again.  Sorry about that, I goofed it up last version.


Stay tuned for game breaking news!  Pun very much intended :D

Hahaha.  From ptarth:

--- Quote ---Did you increase birthrates to compensate for these changes? If not there may be issues. I'm on turn 29 of my current Boarine game with 175 people. It is going to take ages to get birthing centers with is now compounded with the massive drop in income.

Honestly though, with that many changes anything I say is speculative without trying it out.
--- End quote ---

Me: As to the birth rate issue... that's a really good point. Boarines have it particularly bad, but it may be that it needs to be increased for all races. I've got to get some lunch, but just shoot me a note if that or other things seem off. I have a feeling that some early buildings may be too expensive in crowns now, too, so I'd rather hit them all at once.

(That goes to everyone!)

I need to start a new game with a new race ASAP... but I have soo much work to do on my own projects.. perhaps tomorow?

I thought that the AI wasn't allowed to settle in territories next to the player...


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