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Beta 0.911 (Act I Polish)

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Loads of polish-style stuff:

I'm trying to maintain a balance between polishing Act 1 of the game (which is really a way of polishing the whole thing in a lot of respects), and making progress on the later acts.  Thus far the focus has been more on polishing act 1, but there has been steady progress on things like the writing content for Act 2.  I'm still expecting to have all 5 acts in place this week, but I also want to have the early game play smoothly.  We're definitely getting there!

Anyhow, we're at the point where hopefully releases will be roughly every day during the week from now until release.

All right, I'm off for some sleep.  Have a good one!


--- Quote ---There is now a certain amount of free capacity in terms of graves and trash storage at each city that makes it so that you don't immediately have problems with those right at the start of Act I.

    The specific values will later vary by difficulty, but right now are 2k and 100k respectively.
--- End quote ---

We used to have incineration to both on the lander.  Seems like that incinerator got fired back up :)

Having some services on the Local Authorities would also be nice, especially fire & police.


--- Quote ---The following changes have been made to small shops versus commercial offices:
Small ships:
  * HP 400 to 220.
  * Militia attack power down to 4 from 8.
  * EXP per turn from 20 to 5.
Commercial offices:
  * HP 220 to 400.
  * Crowns per turn from 300 to 800.
  * Construction cost from 4800 to 7000.
  * EXP per turn from 15 to 10.
  * Pollution from 10 to 7.
  * Crime protection need from 150 to 35.
  * Now produces 1 science per turn.

--- End quote ---
Small ships ;D?

Small airships, the unexpected competitor to office buildings :)


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