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Hey folks, I have a request if you are in the beta or if you have any Arcen game.
Can you try to take a screenshot of the starting screen (the one with load game, start game, etc) while in windowed mode using the F12 hotkey? Then report back what happens?

Whenever I do it SBR (and other Arcen unity titles) shut down on me. No screenshot is taken. While in fullscreen mode the screenshot is take just fine. This has happened on two computers and I'm curious to see if I have a cursed aura, or if this is more prevalent.

Works for me. And seeing that you have the problem with other Arcen games I have to say that I never had the problem with any of thiose and I play them also in Windowed Mode.
Edit: tested again with your resolution. It seems the game cannot handle it when doing screenshots.

That's rather insightful. Good thinking. I tested it on another couple of resolutions. I can do the smaller ones, but not the larger ones.

for some reason my laptop has never been able to do screenshots so I cant help with this I'm afraid.


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