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Unable to use Diplomacy

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Cities are under scout range, embassy and spy safehouse are built, but their "choose target city" seems nonfunctional. Linguistic is slowly (too slowly?) climbing but there is basic knowledge that should allows to interact (at least to gamble-interact).

What am I missing?

i have the exact same problem(although I've never goten to the point of making spy safe houses) the choose target city option doesn't do anything at all.

I don't believe diplomacy is feature complete as this juncture.


--- Quote from: ptarth on April 17, 2015, 09:39:00 am ---I don't believe diplomacy is feature complete as this juncture.

--- End quote ---
That's what I though, but Chris said that the game was feature-complete by the time the redshirt were dropped in. It confuses me a lot.

I think the discrepancy is the difference between structures being complete to support things and the structures being completely filled in. I believe Chris was saying the skeleton of the game is done, but the contents still need to be pushed into shape.

I've gone ahead and maxed out linguistics with the other races and the options are there, but don't have the backend support built in yet. Regardless, Chris knows it isn't there, and has told us to worry much about it, so I've generally left it alone and focused on the other parts of the game.

Like farms. I want more farms. I want to have a city that exports food. I want field bonuses to adjacent fields. I want to see an improved irrigation system that boosts yields in adjacent farms. I want different types of fields, with orchards, and fruit vines. Livestock would also be awesome.


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