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Unable to use Diplomacy

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I was just thinking how cool it would be to take your farms and use that as a way into a 'diplomacy' agreement with the races you sell crops to?  :)  And maybe different crops for different races? Corn for the Peltians, but the Boarines hate it, but prefer straw and wheat, and the Acutians being robotic don't eat at all, but use tons of soy beans as a trade basis with the Burlusts, but pay a higher premium than the Burlusts do directly.  :) 

I don't know if Chris has it in the game, but wouldn't it be cool to lose a crop one year due to low rainfall? Or have a storm come through and take out a third of my farms?

Just a thought,  :)


p.s.    sorry if i am over-complicating things now. really the emphasis should be on what is currently in the game and how it works. not my wish-listing...   :)
Take care,

I like the idea of adding crops to the game, or as I like to call it {Racial} {GenericAdjective} {RacialFoodName}.


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