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The vision from Chris on the late game and on the military aspects.

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By Average Pollution amount, I mean, around 100-200 turns into the game, what sort of smog level is reasonable to have over your city.

For example, in the misery the pollution rises to about 1400 and then stays constant there (Krolims I think). Is that high or low?

Hazmat scrubbers for the Fenyn only remove 25. Is that intended?

What are the production rules for pollution? It didn't seem to be per X per tile or X/Area per tile, or even X/NumAffectedHexs?

If you mean with "barbarians" Monsters, than I encountered one already in the game. However despite appearing it didn't seem to do anything except standing there. I had first thought of the legendary beasts in Dwarf Fortress.

at turn 138 I was chugging along pleasantly at roughly a 1000 pollution and then suddenly on my next turn I got 5000 extra pollution from out of f ing no were.


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