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the spire are terrifying

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did the spire actually retaliate and attack you in the last 2 games I've been any attacks I've made on them has resulted in blowing my buildings to kingdom come? if not it may just what Chris mentioned with the ai being deliberately  passive at the moment?.

Shrugging Khan:
In my last game against them, they did nothing for a while, then one turn then they shot all my helipads to death. Then I rebuilt them and killed some more of them with a lot, a lot, a lot of clicks...and by the time I was done killing their front-liners they had spawned another dozen of their white bastards all over the place. Then they killed my new helipads, I rebuild them again...

...clicklickclickclickclick. So much clicking, so little effect other than annoyance.

forgot I made this topic in till now sorry for the late reply that's interesting I guess the spire might need a buff/rework if this is still the same way when Chris decides its time to turn the ais aggression on ill suggest that to Chris.

so now with this new territory mechanic is there that silly click feast personally I saw 5 races spawn a bed of saucers in an attack out of fear on the spire....which then got completely demolished.

In my current game, I just got to "celebrated" status with them. Spire as an ally ;)


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