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The most shocking resource

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Thanks guys. :)

Out of the original set of resources (I believe about 40ish), all of those were based on real-world plants or compounds, and all of them are tied to real-world uses for things.  The minerals and rare earth elements in particular.  Some others, like salt for instance, are used in a real way that they are commonly weaponized, too.  Capsacinoids are really a fungal deterrent, and so on.

Later on the other 40ish second set of resources we did are all completely fictitious flora and fauna.  Some of them are a bit on the funny side, like dropbears.  Some are references to other things a bit (ghost spice is somewhat a reference to Dune as well as to ghost peppers).  And then others are just things that I tried to come up with that are plausible uses either chemically or animal-training-wise or food-wise.

Anyway, yeah, I put a lot of time into all that, so I'm glad somebody noticed! :)

dropbears = Australian lies about koalas


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