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temparete lakes bug

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does anybody else have a bug when setting a game with the temperate lakes map styles were all the races apart from the burlusts and acutions are dead?.

I hadn't associated that with the map style - but, yes, I think I have encountered the same!

well when I started my first game I had this bug right of the bat after I lost that game to a weird crash and didn't get it again I assumed it was a fluke but now I realise it was probably because I didn't use temperate for a long while in till today and I have tested out the other styles and this bug doesn't appear at all on them (even though islands won't work I've reported that bug to mantis) so I'm fairly convinced this is a bug that's stuck in temperate lakes one of the strange things I've noticed is that the acutions/burlusts are immune to this bug is it the same way for you?.

CRM - yes, a couple of races seem to survive the great ice age, but the vast majority never make it out of turn 1. :-( and many people were sad.

sorry for the late reply I went on a day trip today and it me longer than expected) have you tested out the other styles to make sure this isn't occurring on those as well on your end?.


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