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Hey guys,

I'm new here and I already posted to be part in the beta but I didn't find lot of stuff. We need more screenshots or videos but can someone post screenshot for this different topic:

-Economy Interface
-Research Interface
-Diplomacy Interface
-Unique interface in this game
-Mid/late game screenshots (I always found earlier one)
-Other screenshots that are unique in this game vs others... I don't know ;)

Sorry I'm hyped :)

Give me 5 minutes, ill see what i can do

I'm go to preface this post by saying that what you see is probably (in fact some things are 100%) going to change. This is just a few pics. The first few i just took some shots while starting a new game and the opening couple of turns(about 30 seconds of gameplay). Then i loaded a game i'm currently playing at about turn 220 and snapped a couple.


How is it you take screenshot for this game? I've tried Prt Sc, but that just gives me the window under it.

F12 is default. Check your keybindings in the settings if that doesn't work.


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