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Savegame bug?

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I haven't had the time to run through all the forum posts just yet, and I'm trying to avoid doing that until I finish my work for the morning of getting the new gui in place.  After that I'll take a breather and look around more.  There are a couple of other things that also need my attention, so that will also delay me more, I think.

So if there's a savegame bug, I'd definitely like to know!

I have NOT  experienced the out of Memory problem I was having earlier again.

Excellent!  crazyroosterman was saying that he is having some sort of issue, though, so I didn't know if there was something larger other people are also seeing.  It sounds like possibly it is something specific in his savegame, maybe.

sorry what issue was that all I remember is the one bug with people being murdered from the first turn but I haven't had that bug with my other save games?.

Oh, okay -- I gotcha!


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