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Redshirt roll call

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Captain Jack:
So, basically Nightfall, but trash instead of stars?  :D I'd read it.

Hell, I'd write it.

Hm, I'm starting a little late, I didn't recognize at first that I got already the key.
So far I'm still trying to find stuff out. It needs some time to get what all the stats mean. I mean, even the simplest buildings have dozens of stats. I was also confused how you build stuff. I thought you would do this in the city management (which is for some odd reason empty but maybe I have to advance first). Instead you have to click the buttons below. Since the GUI will be changed soon this is okay for me, it was just a little confusing at the start because I had to find out what to do.
The explorer camps seemed also strange to me, I didn't get what they do first. They seem to play a scouting/research role in the game.

What I don't like is the Left crtl plus left mouse button for the detail screen of buildings. I edited it to right click but since the button seems to be unoccupied at the moment I suggested that they design it that you simply have to right click on a building instead of pressing two buttons.

Are the hot ips also missing for everyone else? I guess they are not done yet?

Anyone else playing the music from the folder right now? ^^
I like it that they reused music from other Arcen Games (Last Federation, AI War, Bionic Dues). They fit the best for the races.

Captain Jack:
Right click actually backs you out of any screen that isn't the main map. Also it gives you info blurbs on stuff buildings on the tech tree.

You mean hot tips, right? Redshirts don't get (m)any, our job is to stumble around as best we can and see what we blubber into.

The stats are pretty straightforward, I just wish we could get overlays for the various conditions they deal with. Placing police stations would be much less stressful if we could click a button (that isn't constructing police stations) to see where the hotbeds of criminal activity are. Waiting to see what the GUI overhaul does before I report that one.


--- Quote from: ptarth on April 15, 2015, 02:35:02 am ---Banks cause crime. Actually, banks should probably be rename something else that makes more sense. Or the Benevolent Dictator is financing everything through a series of Ponzi Schemes....

--- End quote ---

Banking crimes seem relatively tame compared with the stock exchange. Those wolves of wall street trade in their credit default swaps for gattling guns. It's scary.

Haven't seen any other factions (haven't played past ~100 turns)

Re overlays and crime - I have a crime overlay that does some sort of color gradient. My exchange is bright red (when active).

My Krolin game came to an end through, you guess it, trash/crime combination. From one moment to the other my crime exploded ( Ihad all the time no crime so this came to my surprise) and that caused a lot of buildings to shut down. This ended in huge pulution/trash which caused diseases. More people died, I couldn't get back to my feet because the max population couldn't keep up with all the stuff I needed at that moment (police stations, trash dumps, Hazmats...).
I could have tried to ave everything but it was more work to rebuild everything instead of starting from the scratch.

My second round came to an end before it even started. Wanted to try the Zenith and like always I had to playe exploration camps on the beginning. However, at a certain sport one camp got destroyed from the Boarines. i don't even know why they have military buildings such early in the start but from now on I couldn't do anything else except "build camp", "let camp destroy", "rebuild". Since the costs of the camp are the exact amount of crowns I get per turn I can only watch the same scene again and again. I can still research stuff but this means nothing because I cannot build anything except the replacement camp. I had to quit after that.


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