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Redshirt roll call

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Captain Jack:

--- Quote from: TheVampire100 on April 16, 2015, 01:33:47 pm ---
--- Quote from: ptarth on April 16, 2015, 11:00:31 am ---I made some changes in your design, check them out.
1. Notice that all the hazmats are offline (for the most part).
2. Notice that Pollution gets up to 1000 - 1400 depending on save, and then doesn't change.
3. Notice that the Evucks have a cloud of smog drifting your direction.
4. Notice the Acutians are horrible people, their cloud of smog is also drifting in your direction.

Also, I note that Hazmat efficiency is Race dependent. The Fenyn hate hazmat control and have only 25 scrubbing. The Krolim and Zenith have 90/100 scrubbing.

--- End quote ---
Also, what me annoys a little, it's just a minor thing, is that graphical thing that all player buildings look the same on every race but the AI controlled races have a different look on their buildings. I tried this with different races, Fenyn, Burlustsm peltians, everytime the same, if the AI controls them they have the cool racial unique look, if I control them they all have the same plain look. I'm a little disappointed in that.

--- End quote ---
That was one of the first things we learned about the game. The player race always looks the same because they're using Earth-tech to make up for the tech they forgot. It's also to make the AI races instantly recognizable, and hammer home that they're not playing the same way we are.

Oh, okay, than I must have missed that somewhere. A little sad because I hoped that my buildings would look different on different races.


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