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Production problems


In my games, it seems like I can only produce one type of thing. For example, my last game I could only produce knowledge products. I had plenty of factories and inventors, and in the inventory screen it would say that military and consumer products were being made, but when they finished they wouldn't be added to my inventory. In a previous game a couple versions ago, I only made military products, and while other products would show up as being made, they never ended up in my inventory.

Is this intentional behavior? Do I need some other structure to be able to hold created products?

NOPE! this is a 100 percent bug you should  probably report this to mantis(and dont forget game save with an example of this.

Alright, the ticket is up at

Although I wonder if there's a better term for those. I would call them inventions, but I think those would apply specifically to consumer / military products? Although products could also be taken that way.


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