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Linux CTD

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I'll mantis this anyway (17293), but I'm seeing a crash-to-desktop after a few hours. Process is still in the "ps" listing, but the GUI is gone. Can't seem to find much logging though, sadly.

Huw, is that what you were seeing? Tolc, are you getting it too? I thought the RAM leaking had been caught, but maybe I'm wrong...

"free -m" RAM usage reports about 1Gb freed up when I "kill -9" the remaining SBR process, so I guess it's a RAM issue.

I haven't tested the game under Linux yet, so far I'm just getting used to the game (finding out how things work, etc.) under "stable"  conditions (where the game has been thoroughly tested already, I'm not calling Windows stable  :P) before I'll do tests on my Linux system. I might give it a try tomorrow, though.

Does it have to be a RAM issue, though? How much of your system memory is 1GB?

8Gb of ram in this machine, so that's probably not it. I've put a mantis in and got some suggestions back from Chris, so we'll see if I can reproduce it over the weekend.

Well, on my Xubuntu machine it runs just as well as the Windows version (slightly worse performance aside, that's probably due to the nvidia nouveau driver). No crashes or anything in the 3 hours I played today.

There was a completely different WTF moment, though: Windows and Linux version seem to read save games completely different, which resulted in a completely normal save game on Linux being read by the Windows version as a game with ridiculous values across factors like crime, pollution, etc. I'll attach a screenshot and I'll mantis it.


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