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City population seems stuck

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I have now tried two games in a row and my population seems to get stuck. In my current game city population is 199 with a max pop of 700. I should have 16 births per turn but when I click end turn the city pop stays at 199.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding something but this doesn't seem right, has anyone else had this issue?

You need:
Meals - Meals need crops, water, and restaurants.
Living Space - Apartments, Condo, etcs.
Jobs - There has to be buildings with places to work.

In the mantis save you posted you were missing restaurants.

I did have a diner but it perhaps wasn't good enough. Think I have the hang of it now pop is growing in my current game thanks for your help.

I have a question on how embassies work, clicking on target cities doesn't seem to be doing anything, any thoughts?

Also how do I build more cities?

If those things are needed for the population to grow when the game claims you have a positive population change, then information isn't being conveyed to the player well enough.  When I see my population should increase by 12 per turn, and it doesn't increase by 12 next turn (assuming zero death rate), then I'm naturally going to think something is wrong.  I think there is already a mantis ticket about this.

I haven't gotten Embassies to work, either.  I'm not sure if it's on mantis or not.

I don't think you can build cities at this point.  The City Center is for that, but I think it's bugged at the moment.  There is a mantis ticket on this.

Now that I know I watch the pop and if it stops increasing I pop a food generating place down, but I didn't find this very intuitive.


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