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When Act2 begin?

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I'm on turn 1000+ when does the Act2 is beginning ?

I can't see where in the interface when it's beggining.

Whew, wow!  That's a lot of turns in.

It doesn't start on its own: you have to meet the requirements at the top of the screen and then it starts.  So you could do that on turn 20 or 1000, up to you.

I actually went to 356 turns before act 2 started  :P I think it was a bug that kept me from meeting the requirments but the next patch solved it.

Well I think if it's start when we meet the requirement we can broke the game play easily.

In my game I have lot of money because I didn't know when Act 2 will start. I was bored since I got all the tech and I attacked my neighborhood and yes I got events with penalties but I didn't care since in Act 1 nobody can attack me ;) so I built my stuff again and again...

I can screw the world easily ;)

I joined a screenshot.

Note: I had a weird power problem that I didn't understand so I posted it in another topic.

Note2: I didn't see the error msg on the right side first time i've played. When I launched the game again I saw it. Anyways I'll Mantis the error ;)

Just a though: maybe Act2 should start when one of the active players (myself or the other AI) reach their objective ? It will push me out to finish act 1 very fast. Or maybe a tech can trigger it like in Civ or Age of Empire.

I don't like the idea that only the player can trigger the Act2. It's feel like I can cheat the game itself :)

I'm on turn 1000+ and I'm still in Act 1 ;)


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