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When Act2 begin?

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The general idea is that the AI is also working while you are in Act 1, so if you make a 1 million crowns in Act 1 in 1000 turns, then the AI will also have been making that much money.

Captain Jack:

--- Quote from: Firemad on October 03, 2015, 03:24:06 pm ---Just a though: maybe Act2 should start when one of the active players (myself or the other AI) reach their objective ? It will push me out to finish act 1 very fast. Or maybe a tech can trigger it like in Civ or Age of Empire.

I don't like the idea that only the player can trigger the Act2. It's feel like I can cheat the game itself :)

I'm on turn 1000+ and I'm still in Act 1 ;)

--- End quote ---
The AI doesn't have objectives, you're meant to be the one in control of the story. Heck, the player's the one who's most hobbled by remaining in act 1, they already can roll over you if you aren't careful. That's incentive enough for me.  :D

Well the problem in my current game is because I don't have enough forest in the world... I really need to attack others species because I need my last logging camp... because of that I can't go to act 2 and the game penalize when I attack others ;) well its awesome that the game can penalize but I'm stuck in Act 1 with 1000+ turn because of that lol

That's the reason why we need another mechanism to trigger Act 2 , maybe a tech maybe something else... maybe if you have the max population and all tech you can go to act 2... well I have some options:

1) find forest in a very icy world...
2) attack others because they can't counter me
3) destroy all my building but I feel like I cheated...
4) Restart the game because I feel something is broken :( !

Captain Jack:
...You know that's an excellent point. The difficulty of all the Act 1 challenges is balanced for the earth-type game (where there's balancing at all  :P) Make a mantis post about that, something like "Add a disclaimer that non-standard biomes can have drastic effects on gameplay that may not accurately represent your chosen difficulty level."

Act 1 Goals are not balanced in any way. Having a population/income requirement to exit automatically would be a good thing too.


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