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--- Quote from: Firemad on September 27, 2015, 12:03:51 pm ---Where can I post bug reports btw ?

Sorry I didn't read the forum and I didn't see a place in game for bug reports.

--- End quote ---

You should definitely read the first post of this thread:

It explains a lot of stuff you need to know about the beta process. (You can ignore the rest of the thread if you want. Chris keeps the first post updated.)

Played some more tonight. Some things I noticed:

1. A water shortage is not showing up as a "problem" in the problems UI, the way that a fire protection or power shortage does. I didn't even notice I had run out of water until stuff started going wrong.
2. One of my apartments turned into a monster pit for some reason. Not sure what that does.
3. The game is telling me I have a fuel shortage, but I have a fuel mixing tank and only one building using fuel, so I don't see how that's possible. I'll attach a save.
4. I ran out of tech while not being anywhere near the goals the game gave me, so I'm kind of just puttering along throwing up buildings as they're required to fix problems.
5. Do some buildings have a radius of effecct? I added shops when it said I was short of shopping, but they didn't make a difference and I'm still short.
  - Yes, that's what it is. I demolished those and nothing happened. Then I built more closer to the apartments and they started working. Could also be my fuel shortage problem, but the game doesn't seem to be telling me what the radius on this stuff is.
6. I wound up just spamming barracks and then demolishing some other stuff to meet the act 1 objectives. The game then gave me the intro for act 2, which talks about doing stuff with natural wonders and such... only the AI has already surrounded me, and I'm not supposed to attack people according to "theplanet", so I'm not at all clear what I'm supposed to do.
7. I had access to lots of buildings that do stuff, but I'm not sure why I need them. Things like the buildings that produce poems and broadcasts and the warehouse are the most obvious examples.

I built a bunch of commercial offices early to get money, then aside from going for the objective just built what the game told me to in response to problems. As mentioned, I ran into problems where some buildings appear to have a range, but it's not clear what that range is. I'm really not sure why fuel can't be transported, and the game doesn't make it obvious. As a result, a lot of the gameplay was reactionary. I assume there's a strategy to do things far better than I did them, but I don't know what that strategy is or how to find it short of trial and error (or reading the forums).

Maybe I'm getting dumber in my old age, I dunno. :)

Great thoughts!  I'll need to really make things way clearer with the placement of service buildings.  I think that what I have planned with the radius stuff would kind of implicitly fix this, but we'll see.  It's a lot like the way Cities: Skylines handles it, based on what I have planned.  I got a lot of the code for that working, but haven't tied that in to being fully functional yet.

Hopefully with tutorials you'll wind up being a lot less lost in terms of the objectives, etc.

Good point on the water shortage and whatnot.  It does show up there in red and with the text SHORTAGE above it, but not in the way that you'd be used to for most everything else.  I've made a note for us to change that.


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