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The official "story questions I want the answer to" thread (no answers here).

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Obligatory "Does Obscura/AI/Hydrals(cloned or not) still exist in some form?" question :p

"Why do they have access to human technology anyway? I mean in Tales of Woe computer loaded it, but how, Where, What?" question

"Have humans yet evolved into something non human in far far future?"

"Does alternate universe were aliens with human tech who landed on planet were actually humans while all other playable and non playeble races are on the planet already?" obligatory joke question :p

"Are acutians and the andor like transformers origin wise?" Had to add to that since question about programming came up and I realized that maybe I shouldn't assume they are like transformers aka lifeforms that just happen to be robotic in nature

"Why multicultural society isn't a thing?"

"Does time travel on Last Federation's tech tree mean time travel is canon in these games?"

"So in Last Federation, when you set up porn industry on a planet, do Burlust enjoy burlust porn created by that industry or are they lusty enough to watch other races' porn?" :p What? I find it hilarious you can set up adult movie industry and burlust love it. I could remember wrong though, or have misunderstood a word...

"Was there offscreen war between united 8 races federation and obscura or did obscura never attack in TLF canon?"

"So wait, is andor society composed of robot ladies? .-. I didn't realize they were supposed to be gendered at all before Tales of Woe"

"Who would win in arm wrestling contest, burluts or lobster people?"

"Are skylaxians nudists or something? Actually, none of the races wear clothes so are everyone a nudist?"

"In Ai War "canon" did all win condition endings happen same time? :p As in, spire fleet united, exodian blade recovered(? hasn't played it yet) and AI warp disrupted"

I probably could think of more silly and less silly questions... Hope my jokey questions didn't annoy you guys xD


--- Quote from: ptarth on May 06, 2015, 08:51:11 pm ---My main question:

* How can you have the SBR Market Item Spreadsheet open for over a month and still resist filling in all those cells in the Race Flavor tab?
--- End quote ---

I missed a lot of that, but I've been... a BIT busy. ;)  I just filled in a ton for you.  Please make a different topic with any other questions you want to ask me about specific races and their background, and I'll answer those in there.  Thanks!

Okay... Interesting topic. Very interesting, indeed.

I second Watashiwa's question:
Are the Spire descended from Zenith servitor races?
I'm sure it's related to the Exodian Blade lore, in any way. However, I would reformulate the question:
Are the Spire a fork from the Zenith race?

More related to Arcen's future plans, but not entirely disconnected to answers we could get in SBR:
Will we see races from TLF and/or SBR in AI War?

How TLF species made their way to SBR?
I think all but Thoraxians are born in the TLF solar system. (I don't remember where I read Thoraxians wern't born there.)

Also, the Yali-Hydral connexion question is very interesting. Well, "yes" to that question would be very interesting.


--- Quote from: Pumpkin on May 07, 2015, 04:20:05 pm ---More related to Arcen's future plans, but not entirely disconnected to answers we could get in SBR:
Will we see races from TLF and/or SBR in AI War?
--- End quote ---

This one I'll go ahead and answer, because it's not likely to be answered in the game: no.  The TLF races did not yet exist at the time of AI War.

I have a question that's occurred to me over the last hour when you play as the zenith are the buildings still the zenith and the population their mini servants in that case are the mini servants their soldiers/ambassadors/spy's? if so I feel sorry for the zenith who has to spend his life as a shopping mall to entertain bored idiots or as a trash dump also does that mean the landers a zenith as well? if so then that's pretty interesting from a lore perspective and also if the zenith are capable of making these things with their own body why do they need currency?. ps not a question but an interesting observation of mine I think the yali live underground/underwater because one in my current game referred to me as a surface dweller


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