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The feedback of destiny(?)


Well, before I get started here I’m just going to say upfront I like the game so far and enjoy it. Without seeing later acts it’s kind of hard to get a real feel for it’s long term potential however.

That being said, here is my feedback OF DESTINY!

Genre: I feel this game would have done better, and been easier for a more widespread audience if it was real time vs. turn based, with adjustable time scales ala Simcity. It is probably far too late in the development cycle for something like this, but maybe an SBR 2 sequel would be able to go this route.

I am personally a fan of turn based games in many styles, but I feel this particular type of game works better in a real time environment. Simply put there will likely be times in the game where you are just sitting and waiting for things to build, and trying to speed up through these sections can cause issues (e.g. combat, events). If it were real time you could speed up the game, and major events/combat would cause the simulation to drop to normal/pause instead of risking the “Oh it’s just an event no big deal end turn OSHI MY TOWN IS ON FIRE” :)

GFX: Graphics style is definitely Arcen, this isn’t a downer or bad thing. This is simply to note that long time fans will definitely get that feel of Arcenness(Let's trademark this) immediately. For the most part, the graphics communicate the game and what you need to know effectively while not being hard on the eyes. I’m assuming some of the UI/other placeholders of course are going bye bye in the next month or so.

Music: I like the music, as usual it’s done well :)

UI: UI feedback at a later date as there are several undone sections, what’s done seems to fit and mesh well but there are several areas lacking information (Some of this is already in mantis)

Multiplayer: Dot dot dot? We need more multiplayer games out of you guys imo. This game would have worked well in the multiplayer environment I think. Maybe with an asynchronous turn method
similar to Endless Legend.

Balancing - Too early for this feedback, several issues in mantis already that need to be addressed.

NPE (New Player Experience) - I am assuming a full tutorial system is to be implemented. I know the game is in flux but I’m going to say it anyway this game is definitely not for inexperienced players in both the TBS and City building genres as there’s not a lot of critical information floating around that players should be made aware of. (E.g. global vs. district resources). Some of this is UI Related which we know is still being worked on, so just throwing it out there.

Captain Jack:
I don't think that a sequel would go real time. The only direct sequel Arcen done so far is A Valley Without Wind 2, and that didn't change the gameplay so much as the direction. Besides, like AI War, SBR is a genre cross. It's both a city builder and a 4X game and from the beginning Chris compared this one to Risk.

If you look at the oldest SBR threads and blog posts you can see Chris talking about multiplayer plans, but that got stripped out before territories got put in. Asynchronous turns would be the way to go with this, but so much of the endgame depends on mutual cooperation that it would kind of fall apart. (Also an intentional threadjack but how's Endless Legend been since xpac 2? Haven't played since before Guardians launched)

I haven't played EL in a while either myself, but myself and a couple of friends played it for a while before we all moved on.

And yeah I know Valley 2 didn't change too much, and like I said I do enjoy the current style of game here I'm just thinking of more broad appeal stuff in regards to making it real time :).


--- Quote from: Watashiwa on September 29, 2015, 01:13:58 am ---The only direct sequel Arcen done so far is A Valley Without Wind 2, and that didn't change the gameplay so much as the direction.
--- End quote ---

What? AVWW 2 had radically different gameplay from AVWW 1 (albeit also having different direction).


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