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Captain Jack:
Hello beta persons, hope your testing is going well. What's that? Waiting for major updates? Well, how about an excuse to jump back in before they come? I've just finished putting together SBR's TvTropes page! I've got a bunch of the backstory details in, but not enough on buildings, enemies and the like. If you're in the SBR beta and have a TvTropes account, would you mind helping to develop this? Keep in mind that having a nice page is only half of the job, we also have to link to the SBR page from other pages.

If you want to help but don't have a TvTropes account, don't make one just for this. Consider working on the SBR section of Arcen wiki instead, that's going to need more care up to release day. On that note, what should the priorities for Arcen's wiki be?

I don't think we'll have much on buildings and such until chris finally finishes the sbr update, though.

I hope it's funny. I demand jokes on TV Tropes, JOKES!

Captain Jack:

--- Quote from: TheVampire100 on September 13, 2015, 03:53:35 pm ---I hope it's funny. I demand jokes on TV Tropes, JOKES!

--- End quote ---
Even on TvTropes, CO-ME-DY?  :P

Luckily I am incapable of seriousness, just look what's there already.


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